Reference Extractor is a tool to extract Zotero and Mendeley references from Microsoft Word .docx documents. For documents created with Zotero, the references must be stored as "Fields", not "Bookmarks" (this is a setting in the Zotero document preferences). For references inserted with Zotero 3.x or 4.x, the "Store references in document" option must also have been checked.

Extracted references are saved in the CSL JSON format. Currently, only Zotero can import CSL JSON. You can either click the "Download" button and import the downloaded JSON file into Zotero via the "Import..." option in Zotero's File menu, or click the "Copy to Clipboard" button and use the "Import from Clipboard" option.

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The "note" field appears as "Extra" in Zotero.

No references extracted.